Complete Collection

Complete Collection

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Own the entire Paradise Systems catalogue! 20% off for this bundle of our finest comics. Features every book we have in print except Naked Body.

Included in this package:

Captivity by Xiang Yata 象牙塔

Electrocat & Lightning Dog by Bu Er Miao 不二喵

Cry by Yan Cong 烟囱

Peach Boy by Toyoya

Migraine by Woshibai 我是白

Closet by Woshibai 我是白

Friendship Forever by Inkee Wang 王颖琦

Ellipsis by Diane Zhou 周葭葭

UNIQLO Superman by Yan Cong 烟囱

Doghair by Ganmu 甘木

Special K by Inkee Wang 王颖琦

Beyond a Cure by Fenta 粉塔


We will include a vintage lianhuanhua with every bundle! Lianhuanhua are a form of pulp comics from mainland China that were once produced in staggering quantities. The lianhuanhua we ship are vintage editions from the 1980s or 1970s.

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