"Big-Nosed Snowman" by fenta

Illustration of a bat looking out onto a snowy courtyard from a Chinese dwelling, thinking about being in isolation.

Characters in the comic discuss how people are coming together due to the impact of self isolation.

A man outside notices the bat Afu watching him, causing Afu to hide.

The snowman left behind by the man.

Originally published on February 17th.

In recent years, Beijing-based cartoonist fenta has been working on a series of comics about a talking bat, Afu, and his companion, Ada. The series has always been focused on vignettes about life in contemporary China, so it was natural for him to make work depicting changes during this unprecedented moment. He said he wanted to recognize the work of those who were keeping the city running throughout the crisis, performing their duties with with care and diligence.

Comic by fenta

Translation and design by Xinmei Liu
Foreword and editing by Xinmei Liu, R. Orion Martin, and Jason Li
Originally published by Art Book China as part of their Apple a Day series