About Paradise Systems

Paradise Systems publishes exemplary comics from the United States, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Inspired by, but unfaithful to comic conventions, we seek to create a community of writers and readers that relish in weird, sincere, experimental storytelling. Since 2017, we've released 17 comics, including Naked Body, the first major anthology of Chinese comics to be published in English, and our work has been featured in the Guardian, Hyperallergic, and The Comics Journal.

Paradise Systems is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York and founded by Orion Martin. All books can be purchased through the website.

Wholesale Inquiries: sunrise@paradise-systems.com

You can find a list of Paradise Systems media articles and events here.







Paradise Systems includes:
Orion Martin, Publisher
Jason Li, Editor
Xinmei Liu 挪猫者, Publishing Assistant
Shannon Finnegan, Consultant
Gabriel Loeb, Consultant
Joey Schwartzman, Consultant

Published artists:
Ben Passmore
Bu Er Miao 不二喵
Diane Zhou 周葭葭
fenta 粉塔
Ganmu 甘木
Inkee Wang 王颖琦
Woshibai 我是白
Xiang Yata 象牙塔
Yan Cong 烟囱
Zheng Nanqibai 郑南齐白

Special thanks to:
Aaron Cockle
Beehive Books
Erik Benjamins