About Paradise Systems

Paradise Systems publishes exemplary comics from the United States and China.

Paradise Systems works for good comics that come in all shapes and sizes. We release and translate narrative-driven titles with a focus on comics from China. Inspired by, but unfaithful to comic conventions, we seek to create a community of writers and readers that relish in weird, sincere, experimental storytelling.

Paradise Systems was founded by R. Orion Martin and is based in Brooklyn, New York. All books can be purchased through the website.

Wholesale Inquiries: sunrise@paradise-systems.com

Paradise Systems includes:
R. Orion Martin, Publisher
Shannon Finnegan, Consultant
Gabriel Loeb, Consultant

Published artists:
Ben Passmore
Bu Er Miao
Yan Cong

Anyone Comics (Brooklyn, NY)
Desert Island Comics (Brooklyn, NY)
Domino Books (Online)
Gutter Pop (Buffalo, NY)
Printed Matter (New York, NY)
Shenme Sea (Shanghai, China)
Wooden Bird (Beijing, China)

Special thanks to:
El Triunfo
Aaron Cockle
Erik Benjamins
Desert Island Comics