"Life During the Pandemic" by Yan Cong

Sketch with text of Yan Cong at home painting during the pandemic.

Yan Cong talking about how he ended up self-isolating instead of going home for New Year.

Yan Cong talking about how he tried to buy fruit from a wholesale market but it turned out to be rotten.

Yan Cong describes living in his studio and watching Polanski movies, because his wife was self isolating apart from him.

Textless comic of Yan Cong working alone in his studio, feeding his cats.

Textless image of Yan Cong walking down the street alone.

Textless comic of Yan Cong buying produce from a wholesale market.

Textless comic of Yan Cong coming home and washing his hands vigorously.

Textless comic of Yan Cong going to bed and reading the news about the virus in bed.

Beijing-based cartoonist and contemporary artist Yan Cong describes his daily life during the quarantine. These comics date back to January 29, 2020, less than a week after the Wuhan lockdown began, when many across the country were cancelling their Lunar New Year plans in order to avoid spreading the virus.

During the period he describes, Yan Cong's wife was practicing self-isolation for fear that she had contracted COVID-19. She's now doing well.

Comic by Yan Cong

Translation and design by Xinmei Liu
Foreword and editing by Xinmei Liu, R. Orion Martin, and Jason Li
Originally published by Art Book China as part of their Apple a Day series