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Author: Woshibai 我是白

Offset / color / 38 pages / 5 x 3.5”

ISBN: 978-0-9989050-8-2

Printed in China

Woshibai's second book to be featured in this series, Closet collects two comics, both exploring his fragmented memories of growing up in mainland China. In his carefully articulated panels, childhood is a time of curiosity and quiet pleasures.

This book is part of Paradise Systems' series of contemporary lianhuanhua.

Woshibai was born and raised in Shanghai. He worked in video game art direction for several years but now works full-time as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist. He is completing his first collection of comics.

Instagram: @woshibaii

Tumblr: @woshibai

Interview with Woshibai

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