Policies & FAQ

Who runs Paradise Systems?

Paradise Systems is run by Orion Martin, Jason Li, and Xinmei Liu, all of whom work on it part time.We also collaborate with a large community of designers, translators and editors in the US and China, many of whom are listed on the about page.

Do you table at book fairs?

We attend a number of North American fairs every year and try to attend at least one per year in China. See our social media for more info about upcoming fairs. 

Do you accept submissions?

We currently have a long list of projects lined up, so we are not accepting submissions.

Do you only work with artists from China?

Not exclusively. We have close relationships with the comics communities in mainland China, but we have also published a few books by cartoonists from the United States. The majority of Paradise Systems books are translations of work that was previously published in China. More information about the artists can be found on their individual shop pages.

Ordering & Shipping:

  • We ship worldwide.
  • Shipping within the US is determined by weight.
  • International shipping determined by item quantity at checkout.
  • We will email you when you order has shipped, within one to two weeks of when you placed your order.
  • Once your order has shipped, delivery within the US in in 3-10 days, internationally within 2-6 weeks.


  • Once your order has been placed it cannot be cancelled, but we can make changes to your order if you email us before we send you a shipping confirmation. Once your order is shipped, it cannot be changed.
  • If you’ve waited longer than our estimated shipping times and you believe your package may have been lost, please email us! 
  • We want you to be happy with your Paradise Systems books, so if you are unsatisfied in any way, contact us and we'll work to find a solution.


  • We will not share your information or use it for anything besides contacting you about new, exciting developments at Paradise Systems HQ.



  • 我们全球发货。
  • 美国国内大多数订单固定收费 $3 , 中型到大型订单收费 $5
  • 国际运费将在付款时根据订单数量决定。
  • 下单后10个工作日内, 我们将于订单发货时邮件通知您。
  • 订单发货后,美国境内送达时间为3-10天,国际为2-4周。
  • 我们提供加速送货定制服务,具体情况请邮件咨询:sunrise@paradise-systems.com 


  • 下单后不能取消,但如果您在收到发货确认之前邮件联系我们,我们能够对订单做出改变。
  • 订单一经寄出,便不能够更改。
  • 如果您等待的时间长于估计送达时间,且认为包裹有遗失的可能,请邮件通知我们。
  • 我们希望您能够喜欢格物天下的书籍,如果有任何不满意的部分,请联系我们,我们会尽力找到解决办法。


  • 我们不会泄露您的信息,亦或将其用于除告知您格物天下总部新的,令人兴奋的进展外的任何目的。


Paradise Systems HQ
420 44th St Apt. 5
Brooklyn, NY 11220