The covers of all six of the contemporary lianhuanhua volumes we've published, plus a question mark to represent the random vintage lianhuanhua.
Full color illustration of a mass of characters from lianhuanhua swirling around a central figure who looks at a tiny earth.
Cover of Closet in which a boy plays in the grass next to a lake. A tower can be seen in the distance.
Cover of Peach Boy by Toyoya, showing pixel art computers and a giant peach splitting in two.
Cover of Lost Things by fenta, with a watercolor illustration of a boy holding a blue spotted fish in front of his face.
Cover of Migraine by Woshibai in which a faceless boy rides a fake mechanical tiger.
Cover of Two Stories by gantea in which a woman hugs a smiling cat.

Lianhuanhua Bundle

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Included in this bundle:

Closet by Woshibai 我是白

Peach Boy by Toyoya

Lost Things by fenta 粉塔

Migraine by Woshibai 我是白 

Two Stories by gantea

Lianhuanhua: China's Pulp Comics by Orion Martin


We will include a vintage lianhuanhua with every bundle! Lianhuanhua are a form of pulp comics from mainland China that were once produced in staggering quantities. The lianhuanhua we ship are vintage editions from the 1980s or 1970s.

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