A wordless illustration spread across two pages shows smoke curling out of the character's eyes.
A woman's face in shadow, surrounded by text saying "Who will be my measure?"
A giant teddy bear sits alone in a cutesy cafe.


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Author: Diane Zhou 周葭葭

4-color riso / 36 pages / 7 x 10"

ISBN: 978-1-951078-07-2

In Diane Zhou's brilliant riso comic, the last Asian girl left on earth searches and yearns for her missing kin, and comes to a crossroads. Zhou's delirious and piercing visual storytelling evokes cultural memories that teeter between the familiar and the surreal, the hilarious and the heart breaking.

Diane Zhou lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She is a painter and comic artist who revels in the "inauthentic" space of Diasporic Chinese/American culture using cuteness, disgust, and broken language. This is her second book with Paradise Systems, the first is Ellipsis

Read Diane's essay about ONLY here


Instagram: @monkeymittens

Twitter: @zzzhoudiane

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