"Kitty Doesn't Care" by Zheng Nanqibai

Zheng Nanqibai, designer of our Chinese Pronoun pins, created this short comic about the concept behind her pin design. This comic also appeared in the Kuš anthology, š! #43 'Queer Power'. Titled "Kitty Doesn't Care", the story also works as an introduction to the concept behind the design.

On the first page of the comic titled "Kitty Doesn't Care", A couple see a cute cat resting on a table. A rainbow is in the background.
The couple wish to cuddle with the cat.
The cat jumps off the table and runs.
The cat tells a dog about the incident.
The dog gets curious after knowing the cat gets petted all the time.
The dog wonders who the humans are and what they look like.
The cat cannot remember and does not care.
The cat describes what it feels like when petted by humans.
The cat prefers when the pets are fluffy and warm, and the dog offers to pet the cat.
In front a rainbow, the dog pets the cat and the human couple thinks they are in love.

Zheng Nanqibai is an illustrator and the lead singer of The CLF.