New Book: Think I've Still Got It! by Wang XX

Cover image in which you cannot see the text clearly because of the stickers. The stickers show cartoons of a flower and a seal using a laptop.

Interior spread of Seal saying goodbye to Flower

Huge update! Think I've Still Got It! by Wang XX is up in our webshop! 

Years have gone by since we first started talking to Wang XX about the dream of publishing a collection of her work in English, and now, after compounding pandemic and logistics-related delays, the book is finally a reality. The Seal series is one of the longest-running works to come out of the indie comics community in China, and it has been an honor to work with Wang XX on the book.

Cover image showing stickers removed from the bags and scattered around the book.
In case you missed it, this book has a special feature: there are bags of loose stickers sloshing around the front and back cover. You can take these bags of stickers off and design your own cover on it if you choose to. 

Offset printing / color / 66 pages / 6.5 x 9” / 6 stickers
ISBN: 978-1-951078-03-4