🍑 Naked Body is Shipping! 🍑 Books by Woshibai and Jason Li Available Now

Cover of Naked Body, with a naked man standing in the shower crying.
Naked Body is Shipping!

Our dream project/major undertaking of 2019 is now available! If you missed the Kickstarter, now is your chance!

Offset / color / 116 pages / 6.7 x 9.5”

Naked Body 裸体 is an independent comics anthology featuring some of the most active members of the mainland China comics community. Edited by Yan Cong, the only requirement for comics in the anthology was that all of the main characters be naked. The resulting book is over 100 pages of playful, intimate, and loopy comics, with a focus on outstanding illustration.

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Cover of Closet, with a boy playing at dusk under a willow tree.

Closet by Woshibai 我是白

Woshibai's second book from Paradise Systems is now available!

Offset / color / 38 pages / 5 x 3.5”

Woshibai's second book to be featured in this series, Closet collects two comics, both exploring his fragmented memories of growing up in mainland China. In his carefully articulated panels, childhood is a time of curiosity and quiet pleasures.

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Cover of teacher's pet, with the title character, an elementary school aged girl, running down the hall.

Teacher's Pet by Jason Li

Teacher's Pet, written and illustrated by none other than Paradise Systems editor Jason Li, is also available for the first time on our website!

Offset / color / 38 pages / 6.42 x 8.15”

Printed in Hong Kong

The teacher’s favorite finally gets into trouble at school. Set in the 1960s, this work is based on stories passed down from Li's parents about life in one of Hong Kong’s many post-war refugee communities. It is the second chapter of Li's forthcoming graphic novel, The House on Horse Mountain.

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