Paradise Systems 格物天下 Logo Design!

In 2018 when we began thinking about revamping our logo, we reached out to Unitag Design to see if they'd be interested in working on it. Unitag Design, based in Shanghai, has a long history of collaborating with the community of underground cartoonists in China. They worked on several editions of the Special Comix anthologies, and have long been the lead designers of Paper Farm (纸耕堂), working on books by Yan Cong, Xiang Yata, Zuo Ma, and others. Outside of the field of comics, they also did some beautiful work for indie photo book powerhouse Jiazazhi.

Above, the design for SC6.

They based their designs on the new logo partly on the Paradise Systems' Chinese name, 格物天下. While the name is hard to directly translation, 格物 can be translated as "grid," "net," or "panel," and 天下 is something like "earth," or literally, "all things under heaven."


The characters "gewu" with an arrow towards a 4 panel grid, and "tianxia" with an arrow towards a world map.

Using a 4 frame box to represent "格物" and a Mollweide projection map as "天下," they designed the following shape:

A diagram showing that the grid and map were combined to form an oval split into four quadrants.

This shape was later revised to be the core of the Paradise Systems logo. Unitag Design also incorporated the CMYK palette into their design to make another connection to print production.

The full color logo for Paradise Systems, with swatches of Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Red.

Many thanks to Unitag Design for their work on this project!