New Book: ONLY by Diane Zhou

An ink wash illustration of a girl turning to look towards the viewer, but instead of eyes and a mouth, the text "ONLY" appears where her face should be. Cartoony animals frolic across the surface of the illustration.

A woman's face in shadow, surrounded by text saying "Who will be my measure?"

THRILLING NEWS! Paradise Systems is publishing ONLY by Brooklyn cartoonist Diane Zhou! This gorgeous riso volume is being printed by the inimitable Txtbooks. It will also be available from our website. More info below:

About ONLY: 
In Diane Zhou's brilliant riso comic, the last Asian girl left on earth searches and yearns for her missing kin, and comes to a crossroads. Zhou's delirious and piercing visual storytelling evokes cultural memories that teeter between the familiar and the surreal, the hilarious and the heart breaking.

4-color riso / 36 pages / 7 x 10"
ISBN: 978-1-951078-07-2