Paradise Systems Sales Donated to RAPP Campaign

A drawing of a bunch of PS books equaling dollars directed towards the RAPP Campaign logo.


For the next two months, all money spent on Paradise Systems books through our website will be donated directly to the RAPP (Release Aging People in Prison) Campaign. From the RAPP website, "RAPP works to end mass incarceration and promote racial justice through the release from prison of older and aging people and those serving long and life sentences. The number of people aged 50 and older in New York State, where RAPP was founded, has doubled since 2000." The issue has become even more pressing as aging people in prison are especially vulnerable to covid-19 as it spreads through the New York prison system. 

The current New York legislation they are pushing for includes:

○ Elder Parole Act: Make it easier to evaluate and parole medically vulnerable prisoners over 55 who have served 15 years or more
○ Fair and Timely Parole Act: Provide more meaningful review of prisoners  already eligible for parole
○ HALT Solitary Confinement Act: Replace solitary confinement with humane and effective alternatives

Please contact your elected officials. 

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If you'd like to give directly, you can do so here: