The velvety dark green cover, with a tiny reflective illustration of a scene from the park right in the center.
The pages are composed of simple but information rich linework. Opposite to the page of illustrations is a full English translation, with the text appearing in the same locations as it does in the original Chinese.
In these pages, the friends meet outside and of an apartment building.
A tearaway panel of the comic in which the main characters can be seen boating.

The South Park

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Author: gantea

Offset printing / 2 color / 76 pages / 7 x 9" 

Published by O.Q Comics.

The South Park is the first mid-length comic by gantea. It tells the story of two friends walking through a soon-to-be demolished park. At the top of a Ferris wheel, they unexpectedly solve the mystery of an urban legend circulating in the city.

Embellished with a suite of delightful features, The South Park is a triumph of book design. It includes tear-away panels, a velvety green cover, a bilingual page layout, and more.

O.Q Comics is an independent comic publisher co-founded by OlgaZ and Qiliq. O.Q uses comics as a means of self-expression and endeavor to find the boundaries of the language of comics. They hope to continue on with friends who also love exploring comics.

gantea was born in Urumqi and now lives in Beijing. Her favorite animals are the manatee and the anteater.

Instagram: @gantea


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